Shimla: The Hill Station Paradise of Northern India

Shimla is considered to be a great hill station, with its unparalleled beauty, alongside a cool climate. Being the capital city of Himachal Pradesh houses a number of people and tourists in its vincity. People here can enjoy all types of weathers. The town consists of forests full of oak, pine and rhododendron.

Shimla Hill Station

Among the tourists spots in the northern part of India, Shimla is one of the foremost places which people wish to visit. A great number of tourists visits it, all year long. Adventurous people can perform activities like trekking, fishing, skating, camping and ice skating for their enjoyment.

A number of places make Shimla the perfect hill station, worth paying a visit. Some of them are mentioned below:

The Ridge

The Ridge is an open space in the centre of the town, which provides exceptional views of the mountain ranges surroundings Shimla. It also brings the two main landmarks, neo-Tudar library building and the neo-gothic structure of Christ Church, which are worth seeing.

The Ridge

Jakhoo Hill

At an altitude of 2455m, it is Shimla’s highest peak, and is one of the most famous points in the town. Several people visit it for the mesmerizing view it provides, and the hill houses a temple, which is dedicated to Lora Hanuman. It is full of narrow roads and paths, and people can enjoy walks here.

Jakhoo Hill

St. Michael’s Cathedral

A stone-carved church, with stained glass has cruciform (cross) design. It is located near the Mall, below the District Courts, and it is the perfect destination for anyone who loves celebrating Christmas.

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