Light House Beach Kovalam

Getting your reservations at Kovalam Light House Beach

Kovalam Light House is on the top of visitor’s list, located on the stretch of famous state, Thiruvananthapuram. Not that you will get to pirate ships and so, however, the beauty of the place will surely be struck into your mind. Silver rocks, protecting the surface that is covered with green lush grass, outline the beach. A strip of sand is apparent too, with the Light House itself. All this together seems as if it was painted. A drive for an hour from Thiruvananthapuram, or less, will land up here.

Beach Kovalam

Clear-starry sky, when the cool breeze flows through the palm trees there, to the coast is the best time to visit the place.

The Light House

The building stands upright from the base, constructed on the surface of island. Colour-coded in red and white stripes, the lighthouse has its gates opened from 10 a.m. in the morning and opened till midnight. To get to the top of tower, a person will have to climb 142 steps in circular motion.

The Light House

From the observation structure, Poovar and Beemapalli Mosque will be visible, in two different directions. The view adds to the sheer beauty of the Beach, counting one more the ‘why to visit’ list.

Sport Activities nearby and in the beach

A number of sport activities are arranged for providing a source of entertainment to the visitors. Swimming, Water surfing, paragliding and sailing can be done in the summers, it being the best suited season for water temperature and other climatic conditions.

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