Corbett National Park

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Located in the middle of Uttarakhand, Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in the country. Originally commenced in 1936 with initiative to save tigers, Jim Corbett National Park houses other animal species. The park sports suitable environment for diverse flora and housing the inhabitants.

Corbett National Park

Thousands of visitors annually visit this place round the year. The assigned team of the Jim Corbett National Park, making the way through the park and then back, will guide one.

What to watch out?

Apart from just fauna and flora, there are many other things to have a glance. The list starts from Jim Corbett Water Falls, Temple and ends at the all-famous Birjani Restaurant. All the places mentioned here lie in or nearby the Corbett National Park main building and therefore easily accessible.

What to watch out

In the fauna and flora department, anything you find fascinating will be included in the list. No specific ones can be called out, as what may fascinate one cannot be applied to other. Bengali Tiger is the most common sight here, and one of the most talked about.

How to reach there?

The Patanagar airway is nearest to Jim Corbett National Park, at a distance of 50 kilometres from there. Alternatively, one can catch a train to Ramanagar Railway Station and commute here via any public transport or private one for 60 minutes.

reach there

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