Bandipur National Park

Visiting Bandipur National Park Made Easy

The park was developed with an initiative under project tiger in 1984. Before this, it used to be a hunting hub for Maharajas and officials of Mysore. Bandipur National Park is located in the district of Mysore, Karnataka and has its feet spread across an area if 2183 kilometres, after adding Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

Visiting Bandipur National Park

A traveller will be able to reach here either by getting a flight to arrive at the Mysore Airport and then commute for 80 kilometres. As an alternative, one can also take the train with destination as Mysore and then use the public transport or taxi. Doing the latter will be better as he or she will be able to get in touch with the natives and discover more about the city.

Why should one visit Bandipur National Park?

The park is a home to mainly tigers, which are slowly thriving towards the category of being endangered. While on the excursion trip in the park, you will be able to see elephants, sloths, bears, guards, antelope, dholes and rock pythons.

visit Bandipur National Park

If the traveller is a fan of mammals, langurs, chital, elephants and squirrels will make his or her day. They are a common sight in the park, especially the elephants. The scenery here is a pleasure to watch in a suitable environment, when large groups of elephants gather at a place.

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