Tirupathi Balaji Temple

Tirupathi Balaji Temple – The Richest Temple in the World

You might have heard about the richest man, richest company and richest country, but hardly would you have heard about the richest temple in the world. India is known for its cultural richness, and one of its temples named Tirupathi Balaji secures its place as the richest temple in the world.

Tirupathi Balaji Temple

In today’s time, Tirupathi Balaji is visited by 50,000-1,00,000 on a daily basis, but this number goes up to 500,000 during annual festivals like Brahmotsavam. The annual number of visitors to Tirupathi Balaji goes up to 30-40 million, more than any other temple in the world. Taken into consideration annual donation, Tirupathi Balaji Temple receives around 10 billion rupees (In 2008) annually.

The temple is located around 291 km from Bangalore, 435 km from Vijayawada, 138 km from Chennai, 571.9 km from Hyderabad and 781.2 km from Visakhapatnam.

Why You Should Visit This Temple:

If you want to take a look at the rich Indian religious system, start your journey from Tirupathi Balaji temple. It is known for its wealth, gold and location. As soon as you reach this beautifully constructed temple, you can see people flowing in from all parts of India. The temple authority has initiated an organized queue system to ensure a hassle-free darshan system. The entire procedure for darshan is completed in 3-3.5 hours on normal days. However, the duration can go up to 5-8 hours on festival days.

Visit This Temple

Tirupathi Temple’s walls are made of gold and get everyone’s attention within moments. If you are inclined to see a truly different side of life, visit this temple once in a lifetime. You can reach there by bus, train or flight throughout the year in a hassle-free way. To get any assistance, contact Ambassador-Holidays.com and have a wonderful experience.

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