Shore Temple

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Located at the lining of Tamil Nadu and Bay of Bengal is the Shore Temple, the fact rightly justifies its name. The Temple stands upright since its construction that ended in the year of AD 728. The temple blended with the beautiful views makes up for a perfect destination.

Get To Shore Temple Easily

UNESCO has accredited Shore Temple as a ‘World Heritage Site’ in the year of 1984. The temple itself is not widely known amongst the tourist, but has a great cultural existence for natives. Shiva, an Indian god, is the primarily worshipped under the roof of the temple and then some.

The area nearby

Other than the temple, you can have a glance at various beautiful places nearby. The shore itself is a great place to spend some time with loved and dear ones. If one is a nerd, statues carved out of stones will surely fascinate him or her, as they were made in parallel with the temple.

The area nearby

Visit the district in months between December and January; you will be able to see the Indian Dance Festival, named the ‘Mamallapuram’. Various dance forms are presented during the event, including Attam, Kathakali and so on. The event is backed by Department of Tourism.

How to reach the Shore Temple

A traveller needs to catch a flight to the nearest airport or railway station and then commute to the temple either by a local transport or by hiring a private taxi.

reach the Shore Temple is great

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