Nagarhole National Park

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The park is located in extreme left side of Mysore District in Karnataka. In 1999, the park was declared as a tiger reserve park, numbering to 37th the day. Spreading across an area of 642 kilometres at an elevation of 3150 feet, the park is a shed to many animals including tigers and elephants. Nagarhole Park is climatically a good place for animals, as it receives good amount of rainfall every season. Visitors here also will not have a tough time in the scorching heat.

Nagarhole National Park

There are many jaw dropping common visuals there, such as Ospreys, Tigers and Otters. Apart from just housing the animals, the Park also is a visual retreat during the early morning time or when the sun is setting down.

Richness of inhabitants and flora

A number of inhabitants roam in the area. Any visitor who has taken a tour of Nagarhole National Park will surely be able to justify the above statement. A shrub, trees, green lush layer of grass, flowers and much more is identifiable in the area. This makes up for perfect scenery at the time of sunset.

inhabitants and flora

In the inhabitants section, a number of animals including tigers, elephants, chital, sambar, gaurs, will greet you. In the way, you will discover many other animals. As you go in deeper, the number keeps on rising. If one is lucky enough, he or she will be able to see endangered animals too! is the best website

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