Golden Temple Amritsar

Golden Temple Amritsar – A Symbol of Equality and Brotherhood

India is famous for its religion, tradition and people’s faith in God. No matter if one belongs to Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian community, his belief in God doesn’t get diminished even by an inch. To show their belief, people have built temples where they can worship their gods. One such temple is Golden Temple of Amritsar, which is a lot more than just an ordinary sanctuary.

Golden Temple is the biggest religious place for Sikhs in India and known as a true symbol of unity and brotherhood. Unlike other religious places, anyone can visit there, irrespective of his religion and cast. In short, Golden Temple of Amritsar is a place of sublime peacefulness and eternal beauty. The property presents eye-steering scenes that can leave you astonished.

Golden Temple Amritsar

Buddha is said to have spent some time at this place in his time. People say that around 2000 years after Buddha breezed in this place, another saint came by the beautiful lake located here and meditated for years. The saint was none other than Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh religion.

Even though, you can find thousands of temples in India that are famous for different reasons. Some of them are known for their location while others are famous for the getting crores of rupees on a daily basis. But Golden Temple of Amritsar is famous for serenity and brotherhood.

Golden Temple Amritsar

If you are looking forward to heading to any place that can give you peace in amidst of hustle and bustle of city life, Golden Temple is the perfect destination for you. It’s located in Amritsar, Punjab and connected with all the major cities through bus and train route. To make your journey to this beautiful temple easy and hassle-free, you can take the services of and get things done effectively.

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