Tourism Opportunities in India are Endless

Tourism Opportunities in India are Endless

India has not been exploiting opportunities coming its way in the tourism sector. The scope in the realm is literally endless, the overwhelming tourist destinations, flora, fauna and hospitality all is the evidence backing the statement.

More than 10 lakh people annually visit the holy land every year to pay a visit to its holiday spots and enchanting nature’s bliss. Tea gardens, flowers, mountains and the hills, all together make up the hills in the Northern part of the country; on the contrary, the Indian waters encase southern side. You do not need to roam here and there for booking tickets for commute and hotels here as Indian Tourism Developmental Corporation provides all solutions under one roof.

India are Endless

Conduct a detailed analysis

There are so many places to select from that you will surely get confused from what to choose. Therefore, decision has to be made related to what type of places you shall be paying visit to. Whether it will be a holy destination or archaeological and so on.

Plan of action has to be made according to the type of place. Cities are to be listed and chosen from considering the above-mentioned points only.

Conduct a detailed analysis

List of must visit places

The list has been shortened down, making it easier to locate some of the most happening cities in India.

  • Jammu & Kashmir: This duo is famous for the perfect blend of climatic conditions and marvellous sceneries.

Jammu & Kashmir

  • Thiruvananthapuram: Located at the southernmost end of the country, visit this the place for viewing beaches, temples and zoos.


  • Himachal Pradesh: This state is filled with cities nested on hills and surrounded by mountains. Visit it in summers and be ready for an awesome vacation!

Himachal Pradesh

  • Chandigarh: This city is famous for its design and lifestyle. Shopping, food and tourist spots, the place makes for a must visit.



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