Exploring Indian Tourism

Exploring Indian Tourism

India has been always underrated in any scenario. Tourism is no exception to the list. Even after being so rich in the realm, it had not made to the list of World Tourist Organisation’s list of countries with best tourism opportunities.

The reason being this is that India has not been exploiting its tourism opportunities at its fullest. Moreover, people are unaware about the tourist destinations and even if they do, the simply neglect it by saying “Tourism? Huh, it is a land of snake charmers”.

Indian Tourism

India houses every type of landscape

Whether it be plains, mountains or even hills, India has it all. Travel enthusiasts will not be disappointed at all, as they will be catered with adventure sports, made for capturing sceneries and breath-taking aroma of the soil.

India houses every type of landscape

Enjoy the events

In the past five to ten years, India has been hosting many major events that are open to viewership by tourist and natives. The list includes IPL, CCL, Star Awards and many others that are being held every now or then, so you are ensured to have one pegged when you arrive in the country.

Enjoy the events

Added Bonus is the weather

Escaping from your country due to climatic conditions? Do not worry, India will not let you down. There are many states, each sporting a different environment. If you want to make an excursion from heat, visit Shimla or Jammu; on the flipside, if you are making an excursion from cold weather, visit Delhi or Chandigarh.

visit Shimla or Jammu

Book your tickets as soon as possible

There always lies a possibility of tickets running out for the commute to India. More than 20 lakh visitors pay the holy country a visit as tourist and get back home with sweet memories along with their near and dear ones. So what are you waiting for?


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