A Glance on Tourism in India

A Glance on Tourism in India

Economy boosted by tourism sector

Indian economy has been experience steep rises in the number to tourists visit it annually. This is mainly because though India has not been accredited by World Tourist Organisation, people around the globe have been slowly but realizing that it is a great land for every type of tourist.

In the year of 2010 only, the Government stats reflected that more than 10 million people visited the country, thriving somewhat the situation to a positive side economically.

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Tourism Opportunities in India

If you are a traveling enthusiast and considering to visit a new country, give India a shot. India is only one such country where every type of landscape can be found. Mountains, hills, and plains what not can be counted?

Right from the top north, Leh Ladakh, Kashmir and Shimla all the way to Southern End, Kanyakumari, and Thiruvananthapuram, India is filled with exciting places that will surely leave one wandering.

In addition to the opportunities, you will not have a tough time reaching here as the Government of India has implement policies that make this possible.

Tourism Opportunities in India

Places to visit

The list of must visit places has been shortened down, mentioned as follows.

  • Ladakh: Located at the topmost elevation of India, the place is usually covered with a blanket of snow, surrounded by mountains with river flowing from them seems like a painting rendered to life.


  • Darjeeling: Darjeeling is the place if you want to make an excursion from scorching temperature of your city. Marvellous sceneries, breath-taking views, trekking sites and Buddhist Monasteries and all explain the town perfectly.


The places to visit are countless. Categorizing them in sections such as archaeological, religious etc. and so on to ease out the process of selection. Give India a visit once and you will never be disappointed.


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